The Master’s Programme is taught in English and content and academic activities will be delivered in two main stages: the first stage (approx. 3 months) consists of class-based teaching delivered by Salini Impregilo’s Professionals and Managers and Professors of the Politecnico di Milano.

Classroom teaching will be delivered using various methods: lectures, e-learning, workshops, business cases, testimonials, project work, exercises and site visits. The second stage (6 months) will be dedicated to on-the-job training through a 6-month internship at the Group, either in Italy or abroad, which will be carried out under the guidance of a company tutor and will act as the basis for the Master’s dissertation.

The final 3 months will be dedicated to writing up the dissertation to be submitted to the Committee and the subsequent achievement of gaining the diploma/certificate. All students will have access to learning materials and video-recorded lectures that will be uploaded onto an online platform, where they may be viewed until graduation.

The Specializing Master is an initiative developed, promoted and sponsored by Salini-Impregilo, which identified the Politecnico di Milano as its preferred academic partner in order to train professionals to develop specific competencies in key engineering and management processes for large-scale international projects, a segment in which Salini Impregilo has a leadership position at a global level.

Salini Impregilo is an industrial group that specialises in the execution of complex construction projects and has a strong international presence. It is headquartered in Italy and listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Operating in over 50 countries with 35,000 employees, an annual turnover of approx. € 6 billion and an order book of € 36 billion as at the end of 2015, the Group is a global player in the construction sector and the world leader in the water infrastructure segment. Dams and hydroelectric plants, hydraulic works, railways and metro systems, airports and motorways, civil and industrial buildings are the sectors in which the Group has been operating for 110 years.

The Specializing Master is open to candidates with the following requirements:

  • Bachelor/Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Systems Engineering, Building and Architecture Engineering, Building Engineering, Management Engineering and similar science degrees;
  • Final Grade: not lower than 100/110,
  • Age: up to 28 years.
  • English knowledge must be demonstrated by means of one of the following certifications with relevant minimum score: TOEIC: minimum score 605; – TOEFL: minimum score: IBT 65, CBT 183, PBT 513; – IELTS: minimum score: 5.5; – Cambridge English: FCE.

For foreign graduates or candidates who graduated abroad, equivalent degrees in the aforementioned specialisation areas, achieved with excellent grades, shall be considered.

The number of students admitted is 15.

The admission and selection process is structured as follows:

STAGE 1: PRE- ADMISSION – The Master’s Committee of the Politecnico di Milano, after receiving the application, shall assess the eligibility of each candidate with respect to the requirements above.

STAGE 2:  SELECTION  – The profiles of candidates that comply with the requirements detailed in the pre-admission notice will be evaluated by the Salini Impregilo HR Team, in cooperation with the Master’s Committee, throughby a different selection process (attitudinal and linguistic tests, individual interviews, assessment centres). The purpose of this selection is to assess the attitudinal and motivational characteristics compared to the business sector of the course.

At the end of the process the Committee will prepare a final ranking on the basis of the scores achieved, which will determine the list of the students selected for admission.

Salini Impregilo, in agreement with the Master’s Committee, entertains the possibility of providing full or part grants to the most deserving students to support their training. This grants will be announced at the end of the admission process.

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Beginning: May 2017

Cost: 10.500,00 € 


Unit 1      Project Management Fundamental Principles

Unit 2      Soft skills laboratories

Unit 3      Management engineering introductory course (e-learning)

Unit 4      Course on basic BIM programming (classroom + e-learning)

Unit 5      Introduction to Project Management: Delivery Methods

Unit 6      Financial Report Analysis and Industrial Accounting Principles

Unit 7      Contract and Legal Aspects

Unit 8      HR Management and Organisation principles

Unit 9      Innovation in Corporate Communications as a Business Development Lever

Unit 10    International Tender Management

Unit 11    Risk Management

Unit 12    Project Execution

Unit 13    Planning Basics and description of the most commonly used Methods (Project, Tilos, Primavera)

Unit 14    Cost Control

Unit 15    Worksite Plant and Equipment

Unit 16    Temporary Works to be paid for by the General Contractor: the most common issues

Unit 17    Outdoor Rock Excavation

Unit 18    Tunnelling Works

Unit 19    Concrete Works and Earth Movement

Unit 20    Environment, Quality and Safety

Unit 21    Procurement

Unit 22    Insurances