The “ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE AND COMPETITIONS – Mario Bellini Academy” level II Specializing Master has been established and activated within the Department ABC (Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering) and the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano.

The Specializing Master will last for one year and it is intended for a limited and selected number of students (maximum 14), with a strong integration between theory and practical application, according to the “learning by doing” approach, with multidisciplinary lessons and workshops that are closely related to the training internship.

In the context of national and international architectural production, architectural competitions represent one of the main competitive tools to reach a good quality in architecture and built environment, but they require multiple specific skills that architects are able to achieve only after numerous experiences and after considerable efforts and errors, especially considering the globalization of processes, the opening of new markets, and the increasing complexity that today characterizes the construction of architectural works.

The aims of the Master are to refine the professional practice of young architects, perfecting specific interdisciplinary skills useful to face architectural competitions more effectively, on the architectural and the urban scale, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

The Master will last 1 year. Lectures, seminars and workshops will be held in Eglish, by professors of Politecnico di Milano and external, architects and professionals of great renown. A significant part of the Master will be carried out by training internship in Mario Bellini Architects studio, where students will be able to deal directly with the development of competition projects, with the availability and under the guidance of tutors belonging to the study, and under the supervision of the architect Mario Bellini himself.

The Master is composed of five training modules (about 400 hours of lessons and workshop; about 600 hours of internship), on the following topics:

  • The competition project
  • Drawing, representation and communication of the competition project
  • Construction techniques and technological innovation in competition projects
  • Management of the competition project
  • Competition projects themes and case studies

Among the specific objectives of the Master there are the improvement and implementation of skills and competences in multiple areas: the critical analysis of the briefs; the improvement of the design skills in the architectural and urban field; the functional program; the architectural concept; the legislative aspects in the field of public works in Italy and Europe; the preliminary cost estimate; drawing and representation of the project; the graphics and communication of the project; the use of advanced modeling and representation software; aspects related to the integration between architecture, structure, systems and technological and construction aspects; innovative materials in architecture; environmental sustainability; main architectural typologies and case studies; project management; BIM; organization of the project team; information management and organization of work, time and resources; public speaking and presentation of the project.

The number of students admitted is 14

The Specializing Master is reserved for candidates with a University Degree or a Master of Science Degree in Engineering, Architecture and related scientific disciplines, achieved in 5 years. For foreign candidates, equivalent qualifications will be considered.

Candidates will be selected by curriculum, portfolio (Max 10 MB) and interview (also to be held via Skype). Candidates will be judged by a Commission, and the selection of candidates will take place on the basis of the evaluation of the curriculum vitae, the qualifications presented and the outcome of the interview.

The total cost of the course is 6.500,00 €.

At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, the “Architectural Practice and Competitions. Mario Bellini Academy” II level Specializing Masterdiploma will be issued, in English.

Lectures, seminars and workshops of the Master will be held in the morning, from 9.15 to 13.15 from Wednesday to Friday, from 23 September 2020 to 21 May 2021.

Students will carry out the internship at Mario Bellini Architects divided into two small groups (8 students maximum), for five days a week, Monday and Tuesday for 8 hours; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for 4 hours in the afternoon; in two different periods: the first group from 29 September 2020 to 19 March 2021; the second group from 22 March 2021 to 23 July 2021. After the end of the lessons, the internship will take place in the morning and afternoon.

The final exam will consist of the drafting of a summary book of the graphic works and projects developed during the Master and the internship, of a report on one of the specific contents of the Master, agreed with the tutor and the teaching team, and in the presentation and dissertation of the work do

Director of the Specializing Master is Professor Marco Muscogiuri.

The Master’s Committee is composed by the following prof. Ilaria Valente (Dean of the School), prof. Gabriele Masera (Vicar Headmaster of the School), prof. Stefano Capolongo (Director of Department ABC), Marco Muscogiuri (Director of the Master); arch. Mario Bellini, arch. Ermanno Ranzani and arch. Raffaele Cipolletta

(Mario Bellini Architects); arch. Paolo Mazzoleni (President of the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan).